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Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks
written by a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

We provide Attorneys help with getting started right using QuickBooks®. Our Books show you step-by-step how to setup and use QuickBooks for your law practice. Click Here to Order Online Now or call (904) 284-4480.

Customer Reviews
"I am delighted with the book.  I had purchased QuickBooks about a year ago.  I then figured that I needed help using it and so I paid a near-by accounting firm $485.00 for help.  About two weeks later, I gave it up completely, it was costing a fortune in additional telephone calls and it was taking forever to do the simplest things.  With your book, I was using it effectively with in about six hours; my trusts were set up and I was doing business out of QuickBooks.   If you had any idea how much time that you have saved; if you had any idea how much sanity that I have remaining at the end of the day with your help then you would come to Kentucky and demand an additional payment."

Charles Michael Dixon      

Law Practice Accounting Using QuckBooks Book Cover Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks®
Maintaining an Operating and Trust Account Using QuickBooks  - Step by Step guide on how use QuickBooks effectively for your law practice. Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks includes the entire continents of Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks as well as Maintain an Operating Account Using QuickBooks. This fully-illustrated book will walk you through the sometimes tricky task of setting up and maintaining your law practice in an easy to read and understand guide. You will learn how to:

Setup your Operating Account
Setup your Trust Bank Account
Setup your clients and vendors
Track Time for billing
Track reimbursed expense
Track clients trust account deposits
Create Reports to help you stay in compliance with Trust Account
   Rules and Regulations
Write checks and reconcile bank account
How to handle retainers
Conflicts of Interest
and much more!

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Maintaining A Trust Account Using QuickBooks Books CoverTrust Accounting Using QuickBooks® 
This book takes the serious practice of maintaining detailed financial records of client trust accounts and shows you how to use the number one selling small business account software package in the US - QuickBooks!  Many law firms are already using QuickBooks to maintain their operating account records, but they never knew that QuickBooks can also be used to keep detailed accurate records of client trust accounts and IOLTA accounts.  You will also learn how to handle retainers, how to bill for your time and expenses. This books cuts through the technical talk that you get with most computer manuals, and specifically spells out everything that you need to do to set up client trust accounts using QuickBooks. This also book features:

  • Real world scenarios to help in understanding the basic principals
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions, including screen shots
  • State required forms and letters
  • IOLTA forms and guidelines
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining compliance

This is the only book on the market that guides you through Trust accounting using QuickBooks! It is designed for Attorneys.
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  • If you are using QuickBooks, but are not using it for trust accounting 
    This book is for you!
  • If you didn't think that QuickBooks could handle client trust accounts
    This book is for you!
  • If you are using QuickBooks for trust accounting but are not sure if you are in compliance with the rules - This book is for you!
  • If you are not using a computerized accounting package or are evaluating the packages that are on the market -  This book is for you!


If you have considered or are currently using QuickBooks© for your law practice, this book can be an invaluable resource for you! Click Here to Order


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