Our books show you step by step how to use QuickBooks for your industry.

Industry Specific Books 
written by a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

We provide industry specific help to help you get started using QuickBooks® right. Our Books show you step-by-step how to setup and use QuickBooks for your type of business. Click Here to Order Online Now or call (904) 284-4480.

Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Practices, & Law Firms

Maintaining A Trust Account Using QuickBooks Books Cover Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks® 
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This book takes the serious practice of maintaining detailed financial records of client trust accounts and shows you how to use the number one selling small business account software package in the US - QuickBooks!  Many law firms are already using QuickBooks to maintain their operating account records, but they don't know that QuickBooks can also be used to keep detailed accurate records of client trust accounts and IOLTA accounts.  You will also learn how to handle retainers, how to bill for your time and expenses and more.

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Law Practice Accounting Using QuckBooks Book Cover Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks® 
Now only $39.00

Maintaining an Operating and Trust Account Using QuickBooks  - Step by Step guide on how use QuickBooks effectively for your law practice. This book includes the entire continents of Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks as well as Maintain an Operating Account Using QuickBooks. Works with all current QuickBooks versions.

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Property Managers & Property Owners

Proeprty Owners Guide to Using QuickBooks Book Cover Managing Your Properties Using QuickBooks
On sale now $45.00
This book shows you step by step how to setup your rental properties, apartments, and other housing. It also shows you step by step how to setup tenants, and how to automatically record monthly transactions such as rent.  You will learn how to run reports that show you who has not paid and how to record late fees. The big thing is the reporting.  This book will show you how you can use QuickBooks to get income and expense reports by property.  Learn more

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